Ever wanted to tell manufacturers of personal care and beauty products what you really like? Here is your chance!

Sign-up to our panel and make your voice count!

Your participation will earn you $10 e-vouchers to spoil yourself in popular stores or donate to a charity!

We are interested in all types of females, no matter how much, how little, how often or where you buy your personal care, make-up and beauty products.


Your Rewards

  • Scan

    Once you've registered, we'll send you a link to download our scanning app. The app is free of charge.

    Then, every week with this app, you will scan the barcodes of the personal care, beauty or make-up products you purchased for yourself and anyone else.

    You didn't buy anything this week? No problem! Simply indicate « No purchase » in the app and you'll keep receiving your points


    The data scanned is sent automatically to us at NielsenIQ at absolutely no cost to you.

    All the data we receive is anonymized and aggregated with thousands of other participants data. The information collected is then shared with manufacturers in the form of reports, to make them aware of your preferences and expectations. Your participation helps shape the products of tomorrow!


    So long as you participate each week, you will earn your first e-voucher in 4-5 weeks. Then, you’ll keep receiving rewards as long as you participate.

    We also have monthly exclusive prize draws to win $100 vouchers or a 1-year subscription to Netflix!

    What our Panelists have to say about us
    Have really enjoyed participating in the NielsenIQ Beauty Panel. It's very easy to log purchases each week, even when I don't buy that week and the rewards build up very quickly. I really feel like I am getting a great bonus for just doing my normal shopping. The team are also very responsive to my questions and quickly sort out any small problem.

    Kim, 59yrs, New South Wales

    I'm really loving being a part of the NielsenIQ Beauty Panel, Thank you so much for having me!

    Chloe, 23 yrs, Victoria

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Who can join?

      Our Scanning Panel consists of women from throughout the entire Australia. If you are over 16+ and have bought at least one product from the following categories in the last 12 months you can join our community:

      1. Cosmetics - face, eye, lip, nail products
      2. Fragrance - perfume, after shave, deodorant, body sprays
      3. Haircare - shampoo, conditioner, hair color, hair styling products
      4. Skincare (body) - hand & body lotions, moisturizers
      5. Skincare (face) - face wash, cleanser, moisturizer, toner, serums, masks, make up remover products
      6. Suncare - sunscreen, tanning products
      7. Soaps & BodyWash - soap, liquid soap, shower gel
      8. Feminine Hygiene - Tampons, Sanitary pads, Sanitary Wipes
      9. Oral care - Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Toothbrushes

      We are interested in ALL types of consumers, no matter how much or how little you buy. Even no purchases will still earn you rewards.

    • What will I have to do when I join?

      Simply download the Australian Personal Care & Beauty Panel app on your smartphone and use it to scan the hygiene, cosmetic and other beauty products you buy (see WHO CAN JOIN? for detailed list of eligible products).

      You can scan all such items you purchase from anywhere.

      Covid-19: your purchasing behaviours may be a little different at the moment but NielsenIQ is still keen to understand them.

    • How will I be rewarded?

      In return for scanning you will be rewarded with e-vouchers which you can use in supermarkets, petrol stations and much more.

    • What happens to my information?

      The shopping information you provide is combined anonymously with other consumers shopping purchases. Specific analyses are then carried out using the information which helps provide important facts and trends to many Manufacturers and Retailers.

    • Anything else important I need to know?

      The Australian Personal Care & Beauty Panel does not give advice or information on health and beauty products. This also means that we do not give discounts on health and beauty products nor do we advertise or promote any brand or product.

    About us

    NielsenIQ is a global information and measurement company with leading market positions in marketing and consumer information, television and other media measurement, online intelligence, mobile measurement, and related assets. The company has a presence in approximately 100 countries, with headquarters in New York, USA. For more information please visit www.NielsenIQ.com.

    For decades, NielsenIQ has set the standard for global market and consumer insight research. Our insights are based on representative samples of the population and help our clients (e.g., manufacturers, retailers, non-profits and governments) learn about what consumers watch, buy, their preferences and behaviours. Your participation in our panel helps us create our consumer insight solutions.